Laughing-in the new year

I’m feeling luImagecky to have fun relatives who like to gather on New Year’s Eve for hours of game playing. This year a new game, Tellestrations, was a big hit. Each player is given a word/phrase (such as banana split, fashion photographer or jelly beans) and has a short time (maybe 30 seconds) to create a drawing on a hand-held white board notebook to convey the word or phrase. Then each player passes their notebook to the person next to him/her. You look at what your neighbor drew and have to guess what their word was. You write it down and pass the notebook on, so the next person draws what you wrote. By the time the notebooks had passed through all eight people, the original words often had morphed into something quite different. We laughed uproariously at the drawings and the interpretations. (Some of us, including me, stuck to stick figures.)

Today I greeted the new year with a hot date: my husband and I went to the blood donation center. I’m grateful for a smooth, comfortable experience giving blood. I admit I don’t particularlImagey like going, but I psych myself up twice a year because I know there’s a need. If I ever need a blood transfusion, I want there to be a good blood supply. Heck, I suppose it’s also an easy way to get my iron level and my blood pressure checked.

Happy 2012!


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