Simple gifts

My niece, age 3, loves the princess dress-up clothes and the dolls she unwrapped today. She knows Snow White from the others by the color of their dresses and can tell the stories that go with each one.

I was happy that she and her brother, age 1, are also enjoying the large box that I painted white and then we decorated by taping onto it old Christmas cards and coloring it with crayons. The kids hide inside and want to be found. The smaller box inside becomes a doll bed or a TV or a table.

  After all the colorful gifts were unwrapped, my niece found two tiny pieces of folded cardboard and picked them up. “Books!” she said. One book had a story and the alphabet song in it, she said. She quietly started telling the story.

I’m grateful for the delight in simple gifts. Let us remember that children’s needs are quite simple and that small things can bring joy.

Merry Christmas.



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2 responses to “Simple gifts

  1. Marcia Cummings

    That was a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. Today, my 11 year old grandaughter Corinne and I made plans to make felt birds to decorate our tree next year. I look forward to the sound of our talking and her excitement as we work on this project throughout the year. She is at that tender time ,between childhood and young adult. They grow up so fast. I hope we can hold on to that innocence and simplicity of happiness.

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