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Why I like writing

This week I interviewed a local artist about how she is evolving into a consultant. I created a text story and a viImagedeo for the Rochester Professional Consultants Network e-newsletter, which publishes at the end of this month.

As we talked about her unusual art form and about the artisans group she created, I was reminded why I enjoy my professional writing career.

I get to meet and interview fascinating people who do interesting work and have intriguing ideas. I have the privilege of telling their story so that others get to know them. And as in this case, when the person reads the story and says it’s exactly right, I have the satisfaction of a job well done.

Every story, just like every person, is unique. I appreciate that my writing work enables me to continue to  learn and grow.

August 2013 RPCN newsletter (including the article about artist Stefani Tadio), and video.


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Do you proofread what you write?

Cringing at typos on professionals’ LinkedIn profiles — their free billboard promotion about their work — prompts this question: How closely do you look over what you write?

Do you proofread your proposals, documents and professional letters? How about the words on your website?

Misspellings, typos and errors hurt your image. It’s critical that you check your work or have someone reliable do so.

Here are 10 tips to help: How to Proofread

(Yes, proofreading is among the services I offer.)


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