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When you’re paying attention to something, you start noticing it everywhere.

I’ve been thinking about heroism lately. The obvious heroes save or protect people despite personal risk, such as firefighters, police and security people. Others who likely never expected to be called to such action rise in a moment of need, such as Alabama school bus driver Charles Poland, who was shot and killed last week while trying to protect students from the gunman.

There are many everyday, quieter heroes. My friend who takes care of her superdad and sonmother as her needs increase due to dementia. Parents who set aside their own needs to respond to their ill children. People who behave ethically when nobody’s watching and it would be easier to not follow the rules. Individuals and groups who work to improve their community and the world.

Any of us can be a hero. Be inspired by the great work and the opportunities around you. Don’t wait for a burning building or until you’ve figured out how to do something “just right.” Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good (a proverb commonly attributed to Voltaire).


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