Gifts in the snow

My driveway tends to be a popular place for cars that need to turn around. It’s two lanes wide and located near the beginning of the street.

Tire tracks left in my driveway.

I’ve heard other people complain about having strangers pull into their driveway to turn around. Something about the extra traffic wearing out the asphalt faster or feeling like your personal space is being intruded upon.

But I say bring it on.

In the snow, strangers sometimes unintentionally leave delightful tire tracks behind. One recent morning I woke up to this view.

Consider it an early Happy Valentine’s Day gift — and a reminder to look closely at what’s around you.



Filed under Being grateful

2 responses to “Gifts in the snow

  1. Ralph W. Dutcher

    Cool! Thanks!

  2. That’s a strange attitude some of your neighbors have–what do they expect these people to do instead of pulling into their driveway for a moment? Good for you for being more welcoming.

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