Grateful for water

This morning there was no water. To wash hands. To shower. To wash dishes. To clean the kitchen counter. Suddenly the needs for water were everywhere.

A sticky note was left on our door by the Water Authority: Emergency repairs on the water mains.

Soon, water sputtered and gurgled again from the faucets. I newly appreciate the rhythmic hum and swish of my dishwater, a cup of tea and the chance to wash my hair.

I think of people in many parts of the world for whom water is a long walk away. The ponds, ditches or hand-dug wells they rely on are often contaminated and make them sick.  I am grateful for the work of people such as Salva Dut from South Sudan. He lives in Rochester now but continues to dedicate himself to drilling wells in remote villages in his homeland,

I made a donation just now, in gratitude for water and the efforts to get clean, safe water to people in great need.


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