Who else needs journalism?

I told a mom I know that I’m starting a freelance writing business. “What kind of writing?” she asked.

The long answer: I’m exploring new ways to use my journalism skills — such as the ability to uncover things and reveal the truth. I know how to listen and how to interview people. I write clearly and accurately, in ways that engage and interest the reader. I know how to find information and track down the right people to talk to.

A short answer: I enjoy interviewing people and telling their story.

In response, this mom said her son is applying to a study abroad program. She and other family members have helped edit the application essay multiple times. An independent, professional writer could be a big help, without taking over, she said. At the beginning, the writer could interview the student and help pull out of him the reasons he really wants to study abroad and how he’ll handle the challenges. Then the student could work on the essay until a draft is ready for review. Much less drama and tension when it’s not Mom giving the feedback.

I’m grateful for people sharing interesting ideas of how I can use my skills.


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